Distinctive advantages – Enterprises


Our CLIENTS & THEIR BUSINESSES can benefit from:

    • -Our non-transactional approach to recruitment and staffing


    • -Our in-depth understanding and experience in recruitment assignments


    • -Our ability to interest highly competent candidates that are not actively nor passively seeking a career change


    • -Our quality image based on long-term relationships with our candidates


    • -Our capacity to attract and mobilize candidates with all types of profile


    • -Our objective method and rigorous process used to identify and prequalify our Talent pool. We dedicate a lot of effort and time to authentic « Head Hunting » to attract and convince candidates not seeking for a job.


    • -Our custom service that provides high « return on investment » of new hires


    • -Our edge in recruiting of complex positions


  • -Our follow-up and coaching during recruitment as well as once the candidate is hired to ensure smooth integration and communication between the employee and his/her manager aligning expectations and productivity starting employment.


  • -Our success stories with new hires and career growth within the organization


  • -Our consulting services aiming at optimizing organizational structures, job profiling and succession planning