What are your most important professionnal achievements?

Always answer this question with concrete examples and always talk about yourself.

Through that question, the recruter analyses your strengths to know how they’ll be useful for the company.

Give some good examples

The only trap is to enumarate important things according to you, but that are not related to the job you’re applying for. Instead, share achievements that illustrate the aptitudes you’ll have for that specific job.

Do not only limit yourself to professionnal achievements, if you have worked as a volunteer and the chores you did might resemble the job, share that experience.

Talk about the most recent achievements that occured since the last 2 to 3 years.

Be very precise while giving your examples, because you will show that your achievements helped the company. Describe them step by step ; the action, the context, but mostly the final result.

Put yourself EN VALEUR, Talk about what you have personnally achieved.

TO AVOID : do not say that your best achievement is your family. It is important to share the moments that are related to your competence for the job.

What would you have improved on your last job ?

Describe the moments and situations that bothered you in your past job and keep your focus on what should of been improved. By asking this specific question, the recruter is evaluating what different aspects have bothered you in order to see if your profile would work within the company.

Aim on the facts

Use that moment to describe what you would of liked in your other job. Talk about the facts that were present in your past job and express your needs.

Score points

Use this moment to say what you would have  changed. For instance, for the work methods you would have improved the service, profitability and the effectiveness within your past employer.

Why are you seeking for a new job ?

***If you are passing an interview while you’re still occupating another job, the recruter might ask you this question.

The recruter would like to know the reasons that are motivating you to leave your current job. In such a way that they will evaluate what your professionnal expectations are and see if they can accomodate you.

Explain your expectations

Interviews are the perfect moments to precisely explain your expectations. You have to share what you’re looking for in a new job, by explaining your tasks, responsabilities and your different challenges.

Stay positive and thankful

It is imporant to stay very positive towards your new employer also your past or actual employer. It is an indication on the attitude you will have as an employee.

Why are you the ideal candidat ?

They ask that question to know why they should pick you for the job. That’s the perfect moment to sell yourself and make a good impression.

Your answer will help them to mesure and evaluate your capacity of selling and synthetise. It’s also a way to see if you’re able to put your strengths and competences foreground.

Those different qualities are even more important for someone that is looking for a managers job because he’ll have to show himself confident with the other high placed employers.

Concentrate on the essential

Use this moment wisely by lathering your application, describing your competences and explaining how much they’re essential for the job.

For instance, do not specify that you’re a ponctual person, that quality is generic. Talk about you competence for the job, example : you’re good in customer service.

Talk about the company you’d like to work for. That shows your devotion for the company and not that you’re only there for yourself.

Show yourself confident !