Our firm

Michelle Béliveau Conseil has helped FORTUNE 500 Canadian and international companies as well as smaller businesses identify and recruit their executives and management team. Our expertise, knowledge and wide network of contacts, are by all means, are available to you.

Our goal is to guide you through our rigorous approach to facilitate the recruitment process on your behalf. Our strategic approach and desire to fulfill your recruitment needs related to Talent Acquisition is our way of distinguishing ourselves from other recruitment firms. We all know that Talent Acquisition is critical to the success of our businesses.

Trying to find the right candidates only on the basis of candidates actively seeking for a career change or without employment is insufficient increases your risk and impacting your success rate.  It is imperative to efficiently head-hunt for the perfect match. Only well-experienced recruiters will manage to identify and reach the currently employed candidates showing the best profile for our opening.  Our ability, experience and knowledge of our industry contribute to presenting a convincing business case to create interest and curiosity to convince them to meet the client.

Supported by our research team, Michelle is the master in chief that will present your position in a way to attract the right candidate and allow you to meet him for an interview.  Only an experience Head Hunter who understands the business and position to fill can strategically finesse an interesting approach to presenting the position and its challenges to the candidate’s interests and career aspirations. A successful recruitment is evaluated by his short-term capability to deliver results and his long-term promotion opportunities within his company.  This is what we believe being a successful investment for our clients…. The Art of Human Capital.  A service where quality can only be measured by success.

Our office

Our offices are located in the heart of the Montreal business district. Clients are conveniently provided with the following:
-Conference rooms with audiovisual equipment and Internet access

-Several offices for on-site consulting and interviews

-A confidential service of reception and coordination

- Accessible parking