The simple thought of thinking you’ll be confronted to your interviewer stresses and scares you out ?

Don’t be and relax ! We’ve got a couple of practical tips to make you shine during your interview.

First step, inform yourself properly on the company.

It is very important to be well informed on the firme you’re applying. Find the most information possible on their web site and on their compagny, to know at least the basic stuff on them. The recruter can possibly ask you to elaborate about their own firm. If you did a brief resume before the interview, you’ll be informed on the values they prone and the projects they’re currently working on. Consult the CENTER OF PRESS ON their web site. Those knowledges will show your interest in the company and your sectors of expertise.
During the interview, if you specify that one of the reasons you applied is partially because of your interest in one of their projects, that will be a winner and show a lot of interest on your behalf and your knowledge of the company to the recruter.

« What are the reasons you would like to work for us ? »

What should we really answer to that question ? With the research you have done on the firm before hand, you will then be able to determine which experiences and qualities you should value the most during your interview.

For instance, the firme aims a lot on ENTREPRENEURIAL as one of their most important value. You will then know what kind of candidate the company is looking for ; such as an independant worker and someone with initiative. Before your interview, think of the aspects of your career that show your biggest qualities.

Prepare yourself to the most common and classic questions

« Why have you chosen the profesion of… »
« Why would you like to work in pharmaceutical… »
« How are you qualified for the job ? »

and the dying question… « What are your strengths and weaknesses ? » Even if those questions have already been asked in the past, they always seem to come back. Those type of questions help the recruter evaluate the knowledge you have of yourself. So there isn’t any bad answer! The only tip we can give you, is to answer the question with the most examples and solutions to your weaknesses.

For instance, you have the right to admit that you have a lack of organization, but that you are currently consulting practical guides to improve that bad habbit of yours and finding solutions to that problem. Everything is in your attitude and plays in the way you want to improve.

Ask questions !

The recruters greatly appreciate when you take the time to ask them questions. That will show even more interest on your behalf and that you are seeking to find a longterm contract with them.

Examples of pertinent questions to ask :

«What kind of projects is the company working on ?»
«If i’m selecting for the job, what kind of tasks will you be giving me ?»

Last tip, stay yourself

It’s completely normal to be a little nervous before an interview, but the recruters are simply interested in learning to know you. So, smile and be confident ! If you make a mistake, don’t be frightenned to start over and keep your big smile. A good attitude demonstrated flexibility and shows that you can adapt yourself to different situations. The recruter might want to get you nervous to evaluate your reaction in an uncomfortable situation. Stay calm and try to control the situation by bringing the conversation to a known fact or a positive situation. Humor is your bestfriend during those moments !