Diane Gosselin

 One of Michelle Beliveau major strengths, in my opinion, is her great ability to understand her Client’s needs from a strategic point of view and how it impacts our human capital. She was able to specifically read my leadership style and understand my requirements in senior management. As a result, she recruited Top talent who would contribute strategically and operationally to our evolving and rapidly growing organisation.

Michelle was able to find, not only once but twice, the right leader who would fill the gap and complete our senior management team at a critical time for our organization. She was able to attract and convince the right Talent with the right FIT and expertise because of her network as well as her capability to share the challenge at hand. She was also able to identify who would be well-served and challenged with the mandate to be accomplished. We have developed a solid relationship with Michelle to the point that we had the impression she was always part of our organization.

Thank you very much Michelle!


Diane Gosselin, Ph.D, MBA

President & CEO